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  • Introduction to intellectual property law

    Date Added: 17th December 2010

    Intellectual property law concerns commercially valuable ideas, secrets, concepts and reputations. Baldwins introduces some different fields of intellectual property law here.

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  • Policy complements to the strengthening of IPRS in developing countries

    Date Added: 30th November 2010

    The past two decades have witnessed an active period of global reform with respect to policies concerning Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs). This paper examines – from an empirical, economic perspective – policies that complement the generally strengthened framework for IPRs in developing countries.

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  • Idealog Going Global

    Idealog Export Guide

    Date Added: 18th October 2010

    This Going Global guide presents first hand insights into the issues faced by businesses looking at overseas markets. It is a compelling read, offering practical advice to the challenges faced by exporters and the some of the pit falls to watch out for.

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